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Australian Emu Apple and Glow Berries™

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The power of Aussie fruits to

Plump & brighten

Buried deep in the Aussie bush is a national treasure. Bursting with antioxidants, Australian Emu Apple boosts Vitamin C absorption and shields against free radicals. Meaning? Skin that’s younger, longer. And a glow that just keeps going!

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From bush to your bathroom.

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Glow, you good thing!

  • Glow, with lit-from-within skin
  • Smooth and even skin tone
  • Plump, juicy, hydrated skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and pigmentation


What they say.


All of those products mean: glow, hydration, skin on fleek!



modelesque nic 9575132c-33d3-4350-8c46-7bbc1df430b7

Haven’t made it to a facial appt in a while but @sandandskyaus Australian Pink Clay porefining face mask has me feeling like I’m already there. Anyone else love clay masks??



elwa 1

I love this healthy glow, this is what I strive for on an everyday basis.




Every girl wants beautiful glowing skin. Thanks to my Australian Pink Clay Exfoliator Sand And Sky gifted me, I now have just that! @sandandskyaus



MonicaRoseMask 1

I love using the Super Bounce mask before doing my makeup for an extra radiant look.



worldofcolorx 18128fd9-3d83-4322-8633-021584d3ce6b

Another great mask has been discovered! Who doesn’t love a nice detox!? Check out @sandandskyaus if you’re looking for a new clay mask! #Sandandsky #ssholidayskin #australianpinkclay #pinkclaymask




I love to use mine before bedtime or before a glam sesh!




Loving my @sandandskyaus pink clay face mask! Such a great exfoliant and feeling so cleansed after! #SandAndSky #HolidaySkin



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