Australian Pink Clay

The power of Aussie earth to

Detoxify and refine

Sourced from Southern and Western Australia, and combined with the best Australian botanical ingredients, Australian Pink Clay powerfully absorbs impurities, drawing out toxins and combating pollution.

Non-drying and gentle on sensitive skin, it instantly reduces the appearance of pores.

From bush to your bathroom.

Kakadu Plum
Witch Hazel
Old Man's Weed
Organic Mangosteen
Pink Clay
Finger Lime

Show your pores who’s boss.

  • Deep cleansed, detoxified skin
  • Refined pores & a perky complexion
  • Smooth texture & even skin tone
  • Shine-free, radiant results

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What they say.

Yaaaassss! This pink clay #mask by @sandandskyaus is definitely great for my skin! My skin feels super smooth and fresh after rinsing! #HelloHolidaySkin #sandandsky #sandandskyresults #sandandskyaus #masktime



Love this amazing face mask made out of PINK AUSTRALIAN CLAY. This amazing mask: DETOXS, INVIGORATES, REFINES, BRIGHTENS #facemaskfriday #sandandsky



I’m trying out the @sandandskyaus Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask while having my coffee this morning. It’s cruelty-free and free of parabens and harmful chemicals while leaving your face feeling moisturized and giving you the perfect glow



Haven’t made it to a facial appt in a while but @sandandskyaus Australian Pink Clay porefining face mask has me feeling like I’m already there. Anyone else love clay masks??



My secret to glowing skin #mamameloglow



My absolute favourite face scrub by @sandandskyaus #sandandskyaus#sandandskyresults



I am so thankful for @sandandskyaus for creating this awesome Australian Pink Clay Exfoliating Treatment! It shrinks your pores, mattify your skin and boost glow in just 5minutes. This is a must for busy mama like me. #SandAndSky #HolidaySkin



My skin has been loving this @sandandskyaus Australian Pink Clay Exfoliator & Mask. This exfoliating clay mask not only exfoliates my skin with bamboo and macadamia seeds but the pink clay detoxifies and refines my pores. Smooth, glowing skin is something I’ve been trying to achieve for so long and this product has been helping me so much. Thanks #SandAndSky for this #HolidaySkin



Loving my @sandandskyaus pink clay face mask! Such a great exfoliant and feeling so cleansed after! #SandAndSky #HolidaySkin



Every girl wants beautiful glowing skin. Thanks to my Australian Pink Clay Exfoliator Sand And Sky gifted me, I now have just that! @sandandskyaus



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