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3-Step Routine for 3 Skin Types

3-Step Routine for 3 Skin Types

You might have heard of a 10-step skincare routine already. Raved by many, this routine got a big buzz around the globe. We all love the glass skin effect this routine promises, but let’s be real here, who actually has the time? 

While we all want the best for our skin, sometimes patting on too many products just won’t do it. Keep it simple (with the right ingredients FS), and let your skin breathe and regenerate on its own without the harsh nasties. Plus, you’ll have more time for that beauty sleep. Win-win.

So get going and glowing in no time, no matter your skin type!


Oily Skin

We LOVE summer, but the frustration of having excess oil on our skin is real (T-zone, we’re looking at you!). There’s a thin line between a healthy glow and euphoric sebaceous glands, and we’re here to help you find the balance.


Tackle oily skin with these simple, no-brainer steps!


A very important step yet sometimes overlooked, it is crucial to clean lingering impurities. Too much sebum can clog your skin which is a big no-no for a balanced, beautiful complexion.

If you haven’t done this already, add our Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser to your daily program. This nutrient-rich cleansing hero perfects skin while removing dead skin cells with its gentle yet powerful formula. It’s a breakup for breakouts and we’re all for it.


Clay masking twice a week will create a BIG difference. This step lifts up all the toxins and pollutants, and brings peace to your pimple issues, and banish excess oil effectively. Maskne, bye. 

Detoxify your skin with our Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask. With a high concentration of pink clay, this award-winning mask also contains mangosteen and pomegranate extracts to boost cellular turnover. Kakadu plum (the world’s richest source of vitamin C!) banishes hyperpigmentation and evens out your skin tone. Only the best for clear, balanced skin!


Do you often skip this step to avoid the ‘sweaty’ look? Oily skin craves hydration too! The lack of water on your skin will make the sebaceous glands produce more sebum. A non-clogging moisturizer will be your best ally here.

This is where the Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream comes in handy. Your skin will absorb the oh-so-lightweight formula in seconds! Red Algae extract retains moisture while Sea Kelp keeps skin silky smooth. No-fuss hydration with all the great benefits.


Tip: Add our Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum before this last step to boost your results! 


Dull Skin

External aggressors such as pollution and free radicals make our skin prone to hyperpigmentation and premature aging. These bad guys avert cell turnover and create lacklustre complexion. Tackle lifeless skin with 3 simple steps and the right formula!


Cleanse away piled-up free radicals to avoid oxidative skin damage. An easy way to combat this is to use our Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser for its skin renewal properties. Australian Finger Lime extract helps steer you away from dull complexion while Luffa plant extract strips off impurities. 



Optimize your results with the super hydrating Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask. The unique bouncy texture has a revolutionary blend of hyaluronic acid and is filled with the antioxidant-rich Emu Apple for a glow from within. We recommend using this mask 2-3 times a week for that juicy, rejuvenated skin!



Aging skin longs for collagen boost to replenish its plump and elasticity. Our Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops serum is a dream for all the right reasons. This skin drink boasts Kakadu plum extract that pushes collagen production by up to 144%! Rich in polyphenols, you can bid adieu to fine lines and a super stable Vitamin C formula (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) evens out skin tone and fights hyperpigmentation. What’s not to love?


Dry Skin

We’ll shed a light on this. Dry, flaky skin needs some TLC on a daily basis. Aim for natural ingredients that promote skin health and boost moisture to restore your skin barrier!


Dry skin still needs exfoliation to help clear pores and congestion. Tip: Find an exfoliator that gently removes all the impurities without stripping the moisture. Our Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser contains all the goodness of Australian Pink Clay and Finger Lime extract that are proven to be naturally effective. The unique formula is completed with Macadamia oil that helps plump and softens your skin. 


Fortifying your skin is paramount to achieve hydration. We suggest using our Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum to soothe and strengthen the skin barrier. With 2 types of hyaluronic acid and Sea Kelp extract, this lightweight serum deeply hydrates skin while Bifida ferment reduces sensitivity and irritation. Thirsty skin no more!



Now that we’ve created a healthy base, it’s time to lock in the moisture. Avoid harsh chemicals on your moisturizer as they don’t offer long-lasting protection and hydration, which results in more trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Our favorite, Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream, is fully equipped with essential minerals and the benefits of Red algae and Sea kelp to provide instant hydration that lasts.

Skincare routine simplified! No time wasted, only the good stuff. 




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