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Australian ingredients you’ve never heard of (and what they do)

Australian ingredients you’ve never heard of (and what they do)

You’ve heard of A-beauty: skincare and makeup hailing from Australia. But how fluent are you in the lingo of no worries skincare?

We’re going to get you well-versed in everything true blue beauty. From the purifying powers of Pink Clay to the forcefield-esque protection of Emu Apple, here’s the lowdown on our favourite language. (And what Sand & Sky favourites your face can find them in).

Pink Clay

We mine the most swoon-worthy parts of the country for Australian Pink Clay. Why the hustle? This is the ultimate detoxifier – absorbing impurities and combating pollution at a divine level. The Kylie Minogue of the A-beauty banquet, Pink Clay combines playful beauty with powerful botanicals, demanding all eyes and a standing ovation for your glowing visage. Expect deep-cleansing and pore-refining, leaving your cheeks all plump, nourished and blemish-free. 

Products to try: Australian Pink Clay MaskAustralian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliator, Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand Scrub. 

Tasmanian Spring Water

Found deep within the Great Western Tiers, Tasmanian Spring Water is fortified with over 15 essential minerals, strengthening the skin as it delivers deep hydration. Each drop delivers strong, healthy, hydrated skin straight from the source. 

You'll love: Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum, Hydration Boost Cream

Emu Apple

Straight outta the outback, Australian Emu Apple packs a mighty antioxidant punch. Emu Apple protects from free radical damage and promotes Vitamin C absorption for a juiced-up, glowing face (akin to that following a girls’ weekend in Byron). 

Give these a whirl: Super Bounce MaskDreamy Glow Drops, Enzyme Powder Polish


Old Man’s Weed

Dubious name aside, this ancient herbal hero boasts serious benefits for the skin. OMW is an anti-inflammatory frontrunner, targeted at soothing, smoothing and softening your visage. Promoting the regeneration and renewal of cells (read: great for repairing sun damage) and protecting from free radicals (read: fine lines and wrinkles be gone), OMW leaves complexions plump, radiant and ready-to-hit Bill’s Bondi for after work drinks. 

You'll love: Australian Pink Clay Mask

Kakadu Plum

Angry skin, meet your match. Special acids found in Kakadu Plum contain anti-bac properties that say ‘there there’ to aggrieved complexions. A double whammy, Kakadu Plum also leaves the skin's outer barrier fortified, resulting in an invisible defence wall against bouts of acne or flare-ups of inflammatory skin disorders. Kakadu Plum is the world’s richest source of Vitamin C and deserves pride of place on your beauty shelf. 

Add these to your routine: Australian Pink Clay MaskSuper Bounce MaskDreamy Glow Drops, Enzyme Powder Polish

Finger Lime

Touted as Australia's native caviar, Finger Limes have been an essential food source for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, but we’re dissecting them in a beauty context. The bioactive compounds (fancy) of this fruit work to improve skin hydration and support collagen production. Wildly, Finger Lime contains three times the Vitamin C found in a mandarin. This boujée lime marks a new generation in natural skin exfoliation, gently buffing your epidermal layer to reveal a smoother, brighter and Miranda-Kerr-level skin.

Try this: Australian Pink Clay Mask



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