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Face Masks Before or After Showering?

Face Masks Before or After Showering?

When is the best time to use a face mask? Everyone’s different, but the short answer is: showering first comes with major perks, like opening up pores and getting your face super clean. Whatever skin concern your face mask is targeted towards, we’ve got you when it comes to masking tips. Keep reading for the best masking practices!

Prep Your Skin

Elevate your skincare game, one face mask at a time. Masks come in huge varieties, and they differ in application method, ingredients, and the target skin concern. Whatever you’re look to achieve, you’ll find that timing is pretty important when it comes to these extra-potent treatment products. The best time to mask is after washing your face and showering at the end of the day. Steam penetrates pores, leaving your skin more porous and ready to soak up ingredients packed into the mask. Here’s the recommended steps to prep your complexion for the best results yet.

Start with a purified base

If you only have the discipline for one daily ritual in your life, wash your face. Seriously! Never tolerate extra dirt and grime. When it comes to sensitive skin, our gentle Oil Control Clearing Cleanser works wonders. Balancing redness and irritation, the ultra-soothing formula fights breakouts and acne while strengthening your skin barrier. It also contains ingredients to target the main causes of acne and prevent it before it shows up on your skin.

Another cult favorite, our Deep Pore Cleanser draws impurities from the inside out. Like a mega magnet for toxins, it effectively lifts make-up while also clearing congestion, tightening pores, and gently exfoliating your skin’s surface. For an even deeper scrub, try our Flash Perfection Exfoliator.


Protect sensitive areas

Protect the lips with a hydrating balm and gently apply your face mask. Always avoid the eyes and mouth. Instructions for each mask are different, so be sure to review carefully and follow them.


Tips for Using Your Face Mask after Shower

Problem skin no more! Reach ultimate glow status with these simple tips.  


Consider Your Complexion

Nail down the right pampering formula. If you’re suffering from dry, flaky patches, try the 10–minute Intense Hydrating Mask, boosted with holy-grail Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, and Pentavitin. A rich formula of Cornflower and Fermented Sea Kelp helps to soothe redness and strengthen the skin barrier, creating long-lasting hydration and luminous skin.

Say bye to breakouts with our Oil Control Clearing Face Mask. This product keeps all its promises, enriched with powerful ingredients like Prebiotics and Salicylic Acid to keep pesky acne at bay. Shrink pores and fight inflammation in just 5–10 minutes, while simultaneously improving the appearance of scars and marks.

Brightening masks work wonders on uneven skin tones. Powered by Aussie botanicals, this 4-in-1 treatment will get you glowing in no time. Did you know it’s the winner of five major beauty awards? Some call its mixture miraculous, combining Australian Pink Clay; Kelp & Witch Hazel; Mangosteen & Pomegranate; and the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, aka Kakadu Plum. Curious to experiment yet?

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Store your masks correctly

Pro tip: store gel-based masks in the fridge right before hopping in the shower. Avoid cooling too long, as rapid freezing sensations can cause broken capillaries. Yikes! You’ve officially been warned.

Pay attention to instructions

Yes, the packaging's instructions always sound so obvious ("duh" moment), and we're all guilty of glossing over them or skipping them entirely. But it's important to take note of them so you know the quantity you're meant to use and how long they're meant to be left on your skin!


Unsure of how long to leave on your face? As a rule of thumb, drying masks usually require less time, while hydrating and anti-aging products can remain longer. Be careful about your skin sensitivities too, sample your product on a small patch of skin before initial use. Wash off immediately in the event of any skin reaction.


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Apply mask with suitable tools

Once you’re ready to begin, apply the face mask in a thin, even layer, avoiding the eyes and lips. Stay mess-free using a simple, soft bristle brush. Good news: all our masks come with a brush or applicator that’s perfect for the mask type and texture. 


This type of application will ensure evenness. Try multi-masking with our pore-refining mask as a T–Zone spot treatment, in addition to our Super Bounce Mask everywhere else.

Watch the temperature

Run a soft washcloth under lukewarm water and wipe over your face. Why lukewarm? Hot water can aggravate the complexion, and cold water isn’t as effective at breaking down products. Take time to find the perfect temperature. Charcoal and clay masks may require more scrubbing.

Don't stop there!

A face mask is the last step after showering, right before bed. Avoiding makeup after a face mask is recommended to let ingredients really soak in. 


Moisturising is a vital step in any skin care routine, so don’t skip it! Lightweight formulas are best for oil-prone skin, while heavier creams do the trick on dry complexions. 


The Bottom Line

Whether you apply face masks every day or only occasionally, it’s fun to sample new products. Skin condition and personal preference determine the frequency of use. Visit our blog for more tips and tricks!



Written by: Celeste

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