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Let's Talk About Free Radicals & How to Fight Them

Let's Talk About Free Radicals & How to Fight Them


Free radicals. Skincare aficionados might already be familiar with this term. They have been widely discussed and researched in the skincare sphere for quite some time now - but what are they? Their bad reps exist for many reasons, as these baddies can affect our skin condition (and not for the better) in the long run. What’s worse? Getting exposed to free radicals is something that we can’t avoid on an everyday basis. 


What should we do to fight them, then? The answers are uncomplicated. Read on to learn more about how to banish free radicals and some tips to follow in your skincare routine!


First off, what are they?

Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules that have uneven numbers of electrons. Mind you; normal electrons are supposedly in pairs. The imbalance of numbers may cause the electrons to adhere to other molecules easily. The term is called oxidation, which is a normal process occurring in the body. But this is where the red flag appears; many times, our body’s antioxidants can no longer fight the excessive amount of free radicals present. The imbalance leads to oxidative stress. 


Oxidative stress is the main culprit for many imbalances happening in our body organs. One of them is, obviously, our skin. Did you know that the age factor alone is not the leading cause of lacklustre skin? Famously known to reduce collagen production rapidly, oxidative stress contributes to slower cell turnover and dullness. Not to mention the risk of trapping more UV rays, accelerating the skin’s ageing process. #sendhelp.  


Watch out for these triggering factors! 

Though free radicals are produced naturally in our bodies, we shall not forget the external aggressors that trigger the overproduction of free radicals. Some of them may even be caused by our everyday habits, such as air pollution, smoke, UV radiation, blue light, or even the processed food we consume so very often. 


Meet your BFF - Antioxidants

Tackling free radicals might be easier than it sounds! The good news is that we encounter antioxidants (that can balance out the production of free radicals) daily. They are present in the food we eat, the supplements we take or even in our skincare routine!


Antioxidants help protect your cells by binding themselves to free radicals and restore their balance levels. We can easily find them in vitamins A, C, E. Know that antioxidants are highly present in many foods, such as berries, carrots or citrus fruits. Eating food with antioxidants is super important, but let’s not skip the topical aspects and get some boost from your skincare routine too!


Our go-to sources of antioxidants   

Antioxidants? In skincare?

You got that right. Applying products with high levels of antioxidants can significantly reduce the dullness that you want to avoid. The magic of cellular turnover made by antioxidants is so powerful that you can see the results in a few weeks!


Not sure where to find them? You can start by looking at an antioxidant-rich exfoliator. Many products already contain antioxidants in vitamin C, including our Australian Glow Berries Enzyme Powder Polish. Enriched with abundant antioxidants from the Glow Berries™ melange, this gentle chemical exfoliator helps boost cell renewal and gets rid of dead skin cells accumulated by pollutants. Australian Quandong & Davidson Plum in the formula also work together to polish and smooth your skin while injecting all the vitamins! 



Are you looking for a double agent in brightening your complexion too? Vitamin C serum is the answer. Considered one of the most effective ways to inject antioxidants onto your skin, a serum can also help protect your skin from the external factors mentioned above.


Search no further than our Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops. The Kakadu Plum content boosts collagen production by 144% as this Aussie native superfruit has the highest vitamin C content. Blended with the ultra-stable 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, this serum brightens and evens skin tone like no other, perfect for that daylight glow. 



By improving your lifestyle and using the right formulas, restoring the balance of free radicals is no longer a daunting task for everyone! Still got questions on how to incorporate antioxidants into your routine? Reach us out on Instagram for more tailored skincare suggestions. 


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