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How Often Should You Use A Clay Mask?

How Often Should You Use A Clay Mask?


Clay masks are our most reliable go-to for skin detox (but you already know that!). Perfect for absorbing impurities, they also combat skin congestion and other nasties lingering on our skin. 

We can go on and on about clay mask benefits, but do we know how often you should use a clay mask?

A multitasker for all skin types, clay masks are proven to be effective when used regularly. We can go on and on about their benefits, but do we know how often you should use a clay mask?Knowing when to use clay masks in your routine and in a correct manner ensures the delivery of results we are after. Want to know how? Our team researched, so you don't have to!

Masking for your skin type

Dry Skin

Myth debunked! Clay masks work wonders on dry skin, just like they do on oily combination skin. Dry skin releases so much moisture during the day, resulting in a tight, dehydrated, and dull feel if you don't use the right ingredients that boost moisture retention


Luckily, clay masks have a massive amount of benefits that aren't focused solely on absorbing oil. Clay masks are also great at introducing moisture to the skin. As the mask dries, the moisture from it penetrates directly into the inner layers of your skin, injecting them with essential nutrients and skin benefits. Combine them with a moisture-retaining hydrator and barrier-loving serums for maximum results! Try this out the Sand & Sky way: pat gently 4-6 drops of our Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum on clean, damp skin and finish the routine with our Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream. Your skin will thank you!


How often to use clay mask for dry skin:

If you have dry skin, we recommend using a clay mask once a week at the very most, and don't forget to hydrate your skin afterwards!




Oily/Combination Skin

Clay masks are oily skin's match made in heaven. You might be wondering, “do clay masks help with acne?” Yes! Clay masks are super helpful to draw out excess oil and toxins that cause acne and congestion. Finding a mask with a high level of kaolin clay also helps to unclog pores and remove trapped nasties that can make your skin feel icky at the end of the day. 


Try this: smooth a generous layer over clean skin and let it work its magic for around 10 minutes, ensuring it doesn't dry completely. Additionally, we recommend that you look for a face mask that features natural ingredients known for maintaining skin balance and reducing excess oil without stripping the barriers off. But don't wrap up your routine just yet. Skipping moisturiser is never okay, even for oily skin, so make sure always to moisturise and seal in that hydration!


How often to use clay mask for oily skin:

If you have oily skin, feel free to use your clay face mask three times a week. 



Sensitive Skin

 Sensitive skin might find clay masks contradictory, but fret not! Clay masks are as gentle on the skin as they are effective. 

We recommend buying a clay mask with aloe vera for extra moisture. To calm irritated and inflamed skin, try Liquorice Root extract and Centipeda Cunninghamii (or shall we say Old Man's Weed) extract. These are super ingredients you can rely on without the risk of irritation.


How often to use clay mask for sensitive skin:

The key is not to go overboard here. Use your clay mask once a week to benefit the results significantly. 


Mature Skin: Age Factors on Your Skin's Health 

Age is just a number. However, with time, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes prone to dullness. It is essential to use products that brighten, tighten, and promote elasticity, so your skin retains its plumpness and youth for longer. 


Look for ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C when choosing a clay mask. Cell turnover and collagen production significantly improve texture and reduce fine lines on mature skin, and these power duos are here for it! We are talking about super ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, mangosteen and pomegranate to boost skin renewal. 


How often to use clay mask for mature skin:

For mature skin, we recommend using a clay face mask twice a week at most.



The environment 

While living in big cities has its perks, we can't escape from pollutants and free radicals no matter where we go. Harsh weather conditions don't seem to help, so what to do?


We got you. Alter your (always needed) masking routine depending on the season and your skin condition. You can try using all-natural but powerful clay masks two times to three times a week on sunnier days to strip all the impurities and clean those congested pores to prevent breakouts. Cool it down to the bare minimum in the winter so your skin won't lose its much-needed barrier and natural oil. What comes next? You know the drill, moisturise and moisturise!


What's important is to listen to your skin condition and what it needs, no matter your skin type! On top of that, find a face mask whose ingredients are proven to be effective yet gentle enough for all your skin concerns. Give Sand & Sky's Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask a try; it's like magic in a jar! This baby contains just the right ingredients to detoxify, brighten, promote cell turnover and refine your skin in one go, without the harsh chemicals that strip your skin barriers off. 


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