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How to keep your skin glowing indoors

How to keep your skin glowing indoors

It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it? Despite staying home and not wearing any make-up, my skin feels like it’s more congested than ever! Check out some easy ways you can social distance from those quarantine breakouts! 

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Chugg (multiple) gallons of water! Okay maybe just one gallon, but it’s important to keep your hydration levels up. We may not be getting as thirsty as we’re moving less, but your body needs water just as much as before isolation and your skin even more so! Bonus points if you have a cute water bottle like this Beysis one

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Pop on a mask. All this iso time is perfect for fitting in those hardworking masks. Face is bright purple from our Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask? It’s cool, ain’t nobody gonna see you on the couch on your 8th episode straight of ‘Too Hot to Handle’. Let it all out babe.

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Lock in that moisture! Hydrating treatments are a must during lockdown, especially if you have the heater or air-conditioning running throughout the day. All that recycled air can dry out your skin causing all kinds of pesky problems.Don’t forget about your cuticles too, they need some extra TLC from all the handwashing! 


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Let sunscreen be thy must;  rain, hail, shine or quarantine. Pesky UVA & UVB rays poke around outside and peep in through your windows, so ensure you apply sunscreen to keep your skin protected just like you would if you were out and about.. 

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Rinse and repeat! Stick to your morning & evening skincare routine, and set a daily routine for your activities too. This can help you feel a little more in control and decrease any anxiety and stress you may be feeling, which could be the reason your skin is feeling a little more congested than usual. 


Need help deciding what routine to go with or more? Hop on to @sandandskyaus and let us guide you! 

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