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7 Benefits Of Using Kakadu Plum in your Skincare Routine

7 Benefits Of Using Kakadu Plum in your Skincare Routine


Legend has it that the Fountain of Youth was really filled with Kakadu plum. Kakadu plum is not just fun to say—this super antioxidant has amazing benefits for your hair, nails, and skin! This little fruit’s filled with a burst of Vitamin C, which is a necessary component in the building blocks of collagen.


What is Kakadu Plum?

Kakadu plum is a type of fruit that is about the size of an almond. They come in yellow and green and have a pit in the center. On average, it generally takes less than five years for a tree to bear fruit—from a seed to full harvest. 

Deemed the “Wonder from Down Under”, it’s also used in brownie batter and fruit salads. As most of us are turning away from parabens and other dirty ingredients, Kakadu plums provide the perfect alternative to worry-free skincare products with their sweet-smelling aroma of passionfruit, lime, and other citrus scents. 


Where is Kakadu Plum From?

Kakadu plums grow in the woodlands of Australia. The indigenous people of Australia used the fruit to treat various ailments like skin inflammation, bug bites, headaches, and colds—and now we’re being let in on the secret! Here’s what this sweet lil fruit can do for your skin.

Kakadu Plum Benefits for skin

1. Brightens skin

Balancing work, dating, and a social life can take a toll on your skin, making it appear tired and dull. Kakadu plum extract balances uneven skin tone and brightens skin, giving you a dazzling, fresh appearance!

Try our Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask to detox and give you a luminous complexion in just ten minutes.


2. Powerful Antioxidant Properties

Kakadu plums have five times the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries and are packed with ellagic acid—a powerful antioxidant that contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and prebiotic agents. 


Free radicals can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and loose skin. The heavy concentration of antioxidants in the Kakadu plum protects the skin from these harmful agents, protecting it against visible signs of premature aging. It also increases collagen production, lifting sagging skin. 


3. Reduces Side Effects of Acne

Whether you have the occasional pimple or struggle with bouts of acne, having a zit can leave you with some pretty nasty side effects that ruin your complexion. One of the benefits of Kakadu plum is its high concentration of Vitamin C that combats hyperpigmentation and acne scarring with its brightening and anti-aging propertiesVitamin C’s anti-inflammatory properties also help with redness caused by acne. 


4. Boosts Effectiveness of SPF

We love spending time out in the sun, but spending too much time exposed to UV rays can cause sun spots and fine lines—not everyone’s favourite thing. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties also act as an SPF-booster, heightening the defense against harmful UV rays that result in sun damage. Increase your sunscreen's efficacy by massaging a few drops of Vitamin C-rich Dreamy Glow Drops into your skin before layering with SPF!


Women posing with Sand & Sky Glow Drops Serum

Kakadu plum in Dreamy Glow Drops Serum boosts any SPF's efficacy.


5. Diminish Stretch Marks

While no one should ever feel embarrassed about their stretch marks, you look the most gorgeous when you’re feeling the most confident in your skin! Kakadu plum’s collagen-boosting properties minimize the appearance of visible stretch marks.  For a do-it-at-home fix, try Smoothing Body Sand, our body scrub infused with Kakadu plum to smooth out stretch marks! 


6. Works as a Natural Barrier

Prepping your skin with Kakadu plum-infused drops provides a natural barrier to protect your skin and shield your face from harmful toxins. This is useful when you’re trying to treat psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and other skin conditions. 



7. Hydrates Skin

Those with dry skin are always on the hunt for the next best hydrating elixir! Kakadu plum rehydrates and nourishes dry skin so it appears more supple and youthful. Kakadu plum restores rough skin by helping it to retain moisture—smooth skin never looked so easy! Use the Super Bounce Mask 2-3 times a week for juicy, hydrated skin that's also smooth and bouncy to the touch. 


The Bottom Line 

Now that you’ve been introduced to this superfruit, incorporate Kakadu plum skin care into your routine with our Australian Glow Berries range! 

Want the best tips for your next self-care day? Learn how to fight free radicals and understand how to address your other skin concerns!


Fight free radicals and get that dreamy glow with Kakadu plum. 🫒

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