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Meet Renewing Night Cream, it's Better than Beauty Sleep

Meet Renewing Night Cream, it's Better than Beauty Sleep

Still using your day cream to moisturise your skin at night? Hey, we won’t judge (much), but night cream was invented for good reason. And with colder weather fast approaching, we’re super excited to launch your winter skin saviour – an intensely thirst-quenching, revitalising night cream!

The latest addition to our hydrating and soothing Tasmanian Spring Water range, our Renewing Night Cream works hard while you rest to target your skin’s nocturnal needs. Fighting dehydration and accelerating renewal with hyaluronic acid, sea kelp and RevivylTM, it leaves skin visibly refreshed by morning. Plump, smooth, glowing – and ready to face the day. 



While you were sleeping…

Why do you even need a night cream? Because the skin behaves quite differently overnight. Firstly, transepidermal water loss (TEWL) increases, which can result in dry, red, sensitive skin upon waking. And itchy, uncomfortable sensations as you (try to) sleep. 

Free from fighting the daily barrage of UV radiation and pollution, your skin also has time to focus on repair. So now’s when the bulk of its renewal processes kick in – and PM is the perfect time to give your skin a helping hand. 

That’s where our Renewing Night Cream comes In. With a combination of humectant and emollient ingredients (which we’ll dive into later), this silky and luxurious cream improves your skin’s ability to attract and retain moisture. Helping combat dehydration to keep skin calm and comfy. 

At the same time, it stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. Meaning? You’ll be wearing a brighter, plumper, more youthful complexion the very next day.


We can't get over this texture!


How do I use it?

It’s simple. Apply a pea-sized amount of our night cream as the last step in your PM routine, after your cleanser, eye cream (if you use one) and serum. It’s also your go-to to replenish moisture after your weekly mask sesh.

As for the serum you use, choose this according to your skin’s needs – and the weather. If your skin is dull, try the Vitamin C-rich Dreamy Glow Drops serum for brightening. Or you could opt for retinol to boost skin cell turnover and smooth lines. But for hydration and plumping (which is what we’re here for), a hyaluronic acid based serum like our Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum is a dream pairing. Especially during winter. 

Addicted to slugging? Our Replenishing Night Cream is perfect for this moisture-trapping trend. Just pop a small amount of petroleum jelly on top and wake up with impossibly soft, plump skin. (Pro-Tip: On nights you’re slugging, stick with hydrating layers only and skip the retinol!)

What’s inside this dream cream? 

Any skincare product is the sum of its ingredients – and this little beauty packs in some powerhouse actives. Here’s a closer look at the ingredients in Renewing Night Cream. 👀

Tasmanian Spring Water: A well-balanced source of calcium, magnesium and essential minerals, pure Tasmanian Spring Water is a fountain of strength. Hydrating and fortifying the skin as you snooze. 

Hyaluronic Acid Complex: A combination of three types of plumping hyaluronic acid delivers instant and long-lasting hydration, with additional anti-ageing benefits. With a higher molecular weight, super hyaluronic acid stimulates renewal and forms a protective layer to prevent water from escaping, as lower-weight HAs penetrate deeper skin layers and retain moisture from within.

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RevivylTM: As you’re catching those Zs, plant extract Revivyl rejuvenates skin from deep within.

Reactivating the skin’s natural renewal cycle, it protects stem cells, promotes natural exfoliation and rebalances the skin microbiome. It also works alongside Glycoproteins to reinforce the skin barrier by increasing the skin’s essential components: lipids, proteins and collagen.

Sea Kelp: Stressed-out skin? Help (or should we say kelp?) is at hand. Certified organic brown seaweed extract is not only soothing but also clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and enhance skin appearance.

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Glacial Glycoproteins: These glycoproteins stimulate your skin’s own protein synthesis (collagen and elastin) to support skin repair and regeneration, plumping out your skin and reducing the depth of wrinkles. Originally isolated from the base of Antarctic glaciers, this marine ingredient maintains its effectiveness even against the ravages of winter.

Vegan Squalane: Extracted from olives (yum), vegetable squalane mimics the skin’s own lipids, penetrating deeply to calm inflammation as it also supports the skin barrier to lock in moisture. And yes, unlike its non-vegan counterparts, this derivative is 100% cruelty-free. 


Can I use it every night? 

Absolutely! Unlike an extra-potent sleeping mask designed for occasional use, night cream can be used nightly.


Our new favourite nighttime routine. 

What changes should I expect? 

You now know this moisturiser promises smoothed, soothed, plump, hydrated skin. And that it makes your visage feel oh-so-good in the morning. But exactly how much of an improvement can you expect to see?


Shelley's skin glowing in the AM.

Our Renewing Night Cream is clinically proven to: 

  • 56% increase in skin renewal after 2 days of use
  • 24% reduction in wrinkles after 14 days of use 
  • 67% increase in skin elasticity
  • 165% boost in collagen synthesis
  • 20% reduction in skin redness and irritation

Ready for your best sleep yet?


Written by: Pip Jarvis
Edit by: Celeste

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