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The 7 Best Body Scrubs for Sensitive Skin

The 7 Best Body Scrubs for Sensitive Skin


Those with sensitive skin may find it complicated to get the right body exfoliator when many products might further irritate or dry skin out. But that's no reason to skip exfoliation entirely! We've put together a list of seven of our favourite exfoliators, so you can easily find the best body scrub that's adapted for your skin type.

All scrubs on this list are curated for everyone so that you can exfoliate away dead skin cells, dirt, and dullness with zero worries. After all, they're not public faves for no reason, so read on!


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Body Scrub Benefits

Just as including facial exfoliation as part of your skincare routine works wonders for cleansing pores, body scrubs get rid of surface-layer grime from the skin on the rest of your body. But, there are more benefits to doing a body scrub than you may think!

No matter your skin type, if you aren’t exfoliating you won’t be getting the same level of moisturisation from other skincare products like lotions or creams. Exfoliators pave the way for a smooth, healthy, and glowing complexion. They polish dry or rough patches, free ingrown hairs, smooth unsightly razor bumps, remove dirt and other impurities clogging your pores, and help regulate skin cell turnover. Seriously, only the good stuff (when done right)!

How often you should use a body scrub depends entirely on your skin type. One of the reasons body exfoliation might not be working for your sensitive skin could be that you’re doing it in overly-frequent and harsh manners. And if you have sensitive skin, be sure to introduce some restorative moisture after with a nourishing cream or a hydrating, mineral-rich lotion.

For sensitive skin, exfoliate once every 10 days or every week at most. For dry skin, once per week. For combination or normal skin, two times each week should do the trick. And for oily skin, you can exfoliate up to four times each week. There’s no magic number across the board, though you can use these basic guidelines if you’re unsure. Note that you don’t want to overdo it and risk damaging your skin, so always air on the side of caution and follow the age-old maxim of “less is more.”


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The 7 Top Body Scrubs for Smoothing Sensitive Skin

It’s important to make sure you’ve chosen the right formula for you. We’ve assembled a list of some of our favourite exfoliating body scrubs packed with natural, restorative ingredients sure to make your skin sing! It can be hard to find the perfect products for sensitive skin, but we think the scrubs on this list come pretty close.

Unless otherwise indicated, you can use these scrubs as you normally would. Integrate them into your routine for brighter, smoother, and healthier skin!

Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand | Sand & Sky

Price: $34.90

Tried and loved by many, we think this is the best body scrub for sensitive skin. Moisturise, smooth, illuminate, and detox your skin with ingredients like coconut and macadamia seed, hydrating Australian virgin macadamia oil, and ultra-absorbent Australian Pink Clay which is great for purifying pores. This gentle body sand has no greasy feel, tackles cellulite and stretch marks, and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smooth without any worry of irritation. With a touch of biodegradable glitter, you’ll get a subtle sparkle for a golden hour glow. A total go-to for smooth, beautiful body skin!

The Body Exfoliator | NĂ©cessaire

Price: $30.00

This foaming body scrub exfoliates, softens, and renews your skin with plant-derived ingredients and a quiet, radiant scent of eucalyptus or sandalwood. (There’s also a fragrance-free option.) Volcanic pumice smooths rough skin and the bamboo charcoal helps pull out deep impurities from your pores. Formulated with glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids, this exfoliating scrub will leave your skin soft after every use.


nécessaire body exfoliant



Honey Coco Body Polish | London Grant

Price: $26.00

Exfoliation and moisturisation mingle for a honey-sweet marriage in this tropical body polish. It’s made with plant-based ingredients like raw honey, coconut palm sugar, and fatty-acid-rich apricot oil — perfect for delivering long-lasting moisture alongside a gentle exfoliation! Created with eco-conscious packaging, this fragrance-free body polish improves skin-cell regeneration, clears pores, helps smooth away scars, and leaves your skin with a soft, hydrated glow.



The Ritual of Sakura | Rituals

Price: $17.50

Formulated with rice milk extract, sweet almond oil, subtly coarse sugar, and other botanicals, this luxuriant scrub works great for exfoliating and nourishing dull, uneven skin. Best for drier skin types, though suited for all, The Ritual of Sakura body scrub awakens and softens skin with a sweet cherry blossom fragrance. (The Sakura tree, or, the Japanese cherry tree, is an ancient Japanese symbol of the rebirth of nature — a fitting symbol for this restorative exfoliant!)


Original Coffee Scrub | Frank Body

Price: $16.95

This coffee-scented scrub is perfect for buffing away dry or dead skin cells. Crafted with robusta coffee grind and sea salt, exfoliation never felt so pure. The blend of cold pressed almond oil and vitamin E hydrates your skin and the coarse texture will give your skin an effective exfoliation. 

frank body original coffee scrub


Amethyst Exfoliating Body Scrub | Herbivore Botanicals

Price: $44.00

Yes, it’s made with crushed amethyst! With a jasmine and coconut fragrance, this fine-grain lilac-colored scrub gives your skin a thorough but gentle exfoliation. The crushed amethyst smoothes flaky skin and revitalizes skin texture, while the lauric-acid-rich coconut oil helps deeply hydrate, calm, and soothe. Designed with sensitivity in mind, it’s also made with magnesium epsom salts for irritation relief. 

amethyst body scrub purple


Bum Bum Body Scrub | Sol de Janeiro

Price: $42.00

This vegan-friendly, cruelty-free exfoliating scrub is crafted with coconut oil, crushed cupuaçu seeds, sugar crystals, and guraraná. Caffeine from the guraraná stimulates micro-circulation in the skin for an energizing sensation, while the coconut oil helps nourish and heal dry or damaged skin. Great for all skin types and kind to sensitive skin, this product will leave you looking and feeling radiant!

body scrub sol de janeiro


We love the body exfoliators on this list because of their versatility, and feel confident in their rejuvenating properties. Looking for more fun skin care tips or products? Check out Sand & Sky’s collection and let us know what works for you!


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