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Sand & Sky Skinsiders with Amelia Webb

Sand & Sky Skinsiders with Amelia Webb


Meet Amelia Webb, an Australian makeup artist known for creating luminous, radiant looks on herself and her clients.

After taking part in our recent Skintervention campaign shoot, we sat down with Amelia to find out her secrets to achieving glowing complexion and learn more about her two-step routine for lacklustre skin.


As a makeup artist, what are your skincare tips for creating the perfect makeup base?

Investing in good skincare is important. The key to great makeup is perfecting your base - it’s all about what goes underneath. Find products that suit your skin type and address any skin concerns you have, be it dryness, dullness or oil-prone. Ensure you are using them morning and night for the best effect and do not forget sunscreen. It's super important to use this daily. I also like to use a gentle exfoliator like the Enzyme Powder Polish before applying makeup to ensure I have a smooth base to work with.


amelia webb applying product on faceAmelia exfoliates with Enzyme Powder Polish.

What is the most common skincare concern you see as a makeup artist?

Dryness and makeup not lasting throughout the day is definitely what I get asked about most from clients. The key to long-lasting makeup starts with appropriate skincare prep. Ensuring you have exfoliated and applied the right serum and moisturiser combination for your skin type is key - the Hydration Boost Cream is perfect for adding a healthy dose of hydration to all skin types. Also making sure you have the correct primer and foundation for your skin type is important to ensure longevity.


When searching for skincare, what's the number one ingredient you look for to target your skin concern/s?

My top ingredients would have to be Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to give me hydrated, bright, and glowy skin. The Emu Apple range is full of antioxidants (including Kakadu Plum, which is the world’s richest source of vitamin C) and the five types of Hyaluronic Acid in the Dreamy Glow Drops and Super Bounce Mask means the one range ticks both of my boxes.

amelia webb applying Sand & Sky face drops on face
Amelia applies a few drops of glow-giving Dreamy Glow Drops.


What skincare advice would you give to your younger self?

STAY OUT OF THE SUN and ensure you wear sunscreen on a daily basis. If you do get exposed to the sun, make sure you re-hydrate as soon as possible with a nourishing serum and cooling moisturiser combo.


Favourite skincare hack?

I love to mix a serum into foundation to sheer it out for a lighter coverage and added glow. Serum is also great to apply on top of foundation, just add with fingers or a sponge with a light dabbing motion.

Favourite Sand & Sky product and why?

The Dreamy Glow Drops. If you can’t tell already from my previous answers, they are so versatile and I LOVE the way they feel and look on my skin.

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