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SPFinitely the one: Your search for the perfect SPF50 Sunscreen has ended.

SPFinitely the one: Your search for the perfect SPF50 Sunscreen has ended.


Not a fan of sunscreen? We get it. Many formulas are greasy and uncomfortable, while others leave a ghostly white cast or make your foundation cake or peel. So, what if we told you we’ve been hard at work creating the perfect hydrating but ultra-lightweight sunscreen formula to protect you from the harshest UV rays on the planet? Because we have and, guess what? It’s here!

The Sand & Sky Daily Hydrating Sunscreen SPF50 is the very first product in our all-new Australian Sunshield Range (yes, there’s more to come! ). And to say we’re as proud of this baby as a set of new parents is no exaggeration at all.

In Australia’s harsh climate especially, daily sunscreen wear is vital if you care about your skin. To find out why a broad-spectrum SPF is so important – and how our sunscreen delivers the highest level of protection plus so much more – read on. 

Why is a daily sunscreen important – all year round? 

No matter your skin type, wearing sunscreen each day is the best way to ensure your skin is protected against sun damage, skin cancer and premature ageing. However, not just any sunscreen will do – it has to be broad spectrum. 

Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect against UVA as well as UVB rays – and this is vital as sunburn is not the only thing to worry about. UV radiation is the number one cause of premature ageing and UVA rays, in particular, are known to speed up the hands of time and contribute to early sagging, wrinkles and pigmentation.

While UVB rays (think B for burn) fluctuate through the year, UVA rays are just as strong in winter as they are in summer – and able to cut through clouds, fog and glass. So, if you want to prevent sun-induced photo-ageing, a high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen should be the staple of your daily skincare routine.

Our Aussie SPF delivers best-in-class UV protection

Australian sunscreens are known to be the best in the world due to higher and more stringent requirements (it’s called the sunburnt country for a reason!). Our Daily Hydrating Sunscreen has therefore gone through rigorous testing to ensure you’ll receive the best sun protection with a product that blocks out extreme UVA/UVB rays.    



It’s also ultra-hydrating, weightless and shine-free

But we know you don’t just care about protection. So we made sure we created a product that feels great, slots easily into your morning routine, and comes with incredible skincare benefits. (It’s what we do.)

With a weightless, non-greasy and fast-absorbed gel formula, our Australian Sunshield Daily Hydrating Sunscreen SPF50+ contains ultra-hydrating, skin-loving ingredients for a fresh, youthful-looking complexion. As well as hydrating hero hyaluronic acid, our high-performance sunscreen is infused with antioxidant-packed Kakadu Plum and is suitable for all skin types. 


What’s in our game-changing formula?

We’ve given you a hint at our ingredients, but let’s take a closer look. In addition to our world-class UV filters, our sunscreen boasts:  



How do I use the Hydrating Sunscreen? 

Use our Hydrating Sunscreen each morning as the last step of your skincare routine – after your serum and moisturiser (if using) and before makeup. Apply an even layer of the gel to your face, neck and décolletage 20 minutes before sun exposure. Then reapply as directed, especially after swimming, a sweaty workout session, or towelling off.

Oily or acne-prone skin? Feel free to skip the moisturiser as this sunscreen delivers plenty of hydration on its own.

How much sunscreen should I apply to my face?

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: most people only apply 25-50% of the recommended amount of sunscreen – and this greatly decreases its efficacy. To make sure you’re covered, try the two-finger rule. 

This easy method involves squeezing sunscreen from the crease of your palm along the length of your middle and index fingers and applying it all over your face and neck. While that’s the area we’re focusing on with our new facial sunscreen, this method can be used for 11 distinct areas of the body – as listed in this article

The bottom line

If you want high-level, broad-spectrum sun protection and hydrated, healthy-looking skin (and why wouldn’t you?), make our Daily Hydrating Sunscreen SPF50 part of your everyday routine. Thanks to its lightweight feel and non-greasy finish, you won’t even know you’re wearing it. But trust us, future you will be thankful you did!

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