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Tasmanian Spring Water Wonder Body Lotion - Your questions answered!

Tasmanian Spring Water Wonder Body Lotion - Your questions answered!
FAQ’s from you, answered by us.

There’s no head-to-toe moisture-surge like our Tasmanian Spring Water Wonder Body Lotion. (For the sake of simplicity, let’s call it the Wonder Lotion for the rest of this catch-up). But with any product for your neck, deck and beyond, comes a slew of questions and allegations. Rightly so. 

Following our Splash Serum and Hydration Boost Cream, we whipped up some face-grade skincare for your well-deserving body. Wonder Lotion is a lightweight, super hydrating and fast-absorbing moisturiser for decolletage to derriere indulgence. Stashed in your bathroom or on your bedside, it literally puts radiance within arm’s reach. 


We get that what you slather on your skin really matters, so we’re coming in hot with some must-know info. Consider the below if Wonder Lotion is sitting in your basket, but you’re unsure whether it’s worth precious room in The Cupboard: 


Why do I need it?

It’s powered by pristine spring water from Australia’s ‘Apple Isle’, notably rich in minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium that hydrate and match the skin’s pH levels. A cocktail of three types of hyaluronic acid, Wonder Lotion quenches, replenishes and nourishes even the most stubborn of dry patches - think elbows and knees. You need its company if you have dry, normal, sensitive or ageing skin. And you also be chuffed to know that it is paraben-free, sulfates-free, not-tested-on-animals skin stuff.


Aside from hydration, what other benefits does it provide?

Wonder Lotion is a multi-tasker by nature. Fermented Sea Kelp From Tasmania’s pristine ocean waters is a wildcard ingredient we’ve called on for its smoothing, re-energising abilities. By inhibiting key enzymes responsible for wrinkles and loss of elasticity, it protects the skin’s building blocks (code words for really science-y, granular-level stuff) and supercharges repair. Aka, Wonder Lotion is also like a body reboot. 


Can I use it morning and night?

You absolutely can and will. The Wonder Lotion is made for daily just-got-outta-the-shower e use. Whenever your limbs need some loving, it’s ready and willing to deliver instant sheen and supple touch-feel.  

girl applying product to her face

Formulated with Aloe Vera to help soothe skin after sun exposure


How do I use it?

Glad you asked. Follow our lead:

  1. (Optional pre-step: Scrub up with Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand for a fresh canvas, sans dead skin cells) 
  2. Massage in a circular motion all over the body, or to areas where hydration is needed
  3. Apply post-shower or bath while skin is still damp to better seal in the moisture
  4. Follow with Splash Serum and Hydration Boost Cream for your face 


Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

You bet it is. Pure and gentle, this Wonder Lotion fortifies the skin’s natural moisture barrier with a well-balanced source of Calcium, Magnesium and essential minerals. It’s a force of nature that restores skin at first touch, without the harsh ingredients. 


Is it suitable for oily skin?

Yes -  moisture doesn’t have to mean oiliness. Wonder Lotion is nearly weightless, melting into your skin within seconds. It won’t leave a trace of grim, greasy residue, or leave a tacky bum-print on your car seat. Think less lingering, more long-lasting moisture and radiance. 

girl holding a sand and sky product

 Containing Fermented Sea Kelp, a nutrient-rich ingredient which helps protect and strengthen the skin barrier to promote smooth, youthful-looking skin


Does it have a scent?

A subtle citrusy fragrance, like a fresh lemon drizzle cake or a decadent room spray you’d find in a cool bathhouse. Zingy, but understated. Basically, your perfume won’t be vying for attention when you walk out the door. 


What other Sand & Sky products does it pair well with? 

Wonder Lotion is a welcome addition to our beloved Tasmanian Spring Water range, heralded for overachieving hydration abilities. Naturally, it works well in tandem with the rest of the Tassie Spring Water range for a full body moisture surge, but it also perfectly complements the Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand. Buff and smooth all over with the Body Sand, before following with Wonder Lotion for a whole-body skin reset. 

It’s a little more expensive than other body lotions out there, so what makes it worth it?

This is a holy grail hydrator. Tassie Spring Water is an *extra-spesh* moisture-binding molecule, making this product a frontrunner from other run-of-the-mill body lotions.. Wonder Lotion promotes continuous hydration, visibly quenching thirsty skin, plumping up fine lines and improving all-round skin elasticity, so your skin’s age is that of JLO’s.


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