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Top beauty tips from Sand & Sky Mums

Top beauty tips from Sand & Sky Mums

Before working in the beauty space, the Sand & Sky team had one beauty guru to end all gurus; our mums. From never leaving the house without a swipe of gloss, to embracing your brows for all they are (and aren’t!). Read on to find out the OG  beauty and life tips from the women who have been there from the start. 

family photo

"Mum had two rules: do not wear too much makeup and to embrace your brows. Growing up I thought that was lame but now I totally get it. I live on the other side of the world to her now, but she is still my best mate, tough and supportive through anything.

She  has great skin and never wears make up, a habit I’ve picked up too. On the rare occasion I do, everyone thinks I have done something crazy but it’s actually just a lick of mascara or a swipe of lipstick."

Retail Marketing Manager

child and mother

"My mum is still the only woman I’ve ever seen who is able to rock brown lipstick. She teaches me to not only be fearless in my make up choices, but in my life choices.

Because of her, I passionately believe that red lipstick contains the power to turn your entire day around in a single swipe, and that someone else's opinion of me is none of my business. "

Digital Marketing Assistant


woman holding an infant

"I am so inspired by my mum's zest for life. She has taught me to make the most out of life, as she does.  She is always on the go, travelling the world and trying new things!
I love our adventures together and I'm constantly in awe of her. Unsurprisingly, she taught me to invest in my skin and use the right products to treat it right. After all, life is for living, not spending on a 12 step routine!"

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist


family photo near river

"My mum is never found sitting down, and the way the hint of a good wave to surf lights her up is totally infectious. Every day is centered around what she wants to do, not how she wants to look.

Looking back on photos of her when she was younger you just feel this total vibrancy, regardless of how messy her hair was or her lack of makeup. You still see it today, as she races about with just a face of quality sunscreen ready to take on whatever the day might bring."

Senior Ecommerce Marketing Manager


family smiling

"My mum is my #1 supporter. She is constantly reassuring about everything and is always encouraging me to follow my passions, no matter how crazy they are. Not only is she my mum, but she's one of my best friends.

I mean, only the best of friends would teach you that taking care of your skin is SO important. You have her to thank for introducing me to skincare at 13 years old which led me to Sand & Sky now!" 

Social Media Assistant

two girls wearing sunglasses

"I owe my habit of never leaving the house with bare lips to my mum. Not only is Melbourne’s weather cruel to those who forget their lip balm at home, it’s a quick self care moment in my day.

My mum’s incredible work ethic inspires me daily. Starting her own business while  finding time to take care of our family is a feat I will never understand. Don’t worry though, she plays as hard as she works;  I love hearing about all her travel adventures she does when she’s not working. Hopefully she picks up on my hints to take me with her next time! "

PR and Influencer Assistant

mother and child

"I wasn't allowed to get my eyebrows groomed until I was 16 - so obviously I broke this rule constantly as a 15 year old. Thankfully, she taught me the right way to do it, but also taught me that mine are beautiful the way they are. To this day I often let my brows grow free. 

Her pure kindness and empathy for others was unparalleled. She was always willing to help others in need and was the strongest person I know. She taught me the importance of forgiveness and to work hard for what I want."


Social Media Specialist


young girl and her mother

"My mum is the most understanding, giving woman I know. She never asks for anything but always makes sure we've got everything. I remember her excusing herself from the table after each dinner we had out - I'd go to the bathroom with her and watch her reapply pink lipstick, and I begged her to put a little on me, which she always did.

She also carried her lipstick around in a compact case that had a mirror (she never had lipsticks loose in her handbag), and she made sure there were a few toothpicks in there, in case of emergency! She's my best friend, my confidante - the number 1 person I look up to."

PR & Influencer Manager

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