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What does your star sign say about your skin?

What does your star sign say about your skin?

Bright, even skin is in your future. Mercury may be coming in and out of retrograde, but that doesn’t mean your skin needs to step into disarray. We’ve consulted the stars to find your perfect match products to ride the retrograde wave straight to clear, bright, even skin.

Meet your clear skin solution.

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Your fiery and energised personality can attract an inflamed complexion. Add in calming and neutralising Quandong and Davidson Plum to soothe skin.

We see the Mega Glow Kit in your future. 

Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

All that thinking about how to lift other people up can leave you high and dry - quite literally. Hyaluronic Acid and oils will provide long-lasting hydration. Try our Real Radiance Kit to balance you out. 

Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

You’re pragmatic and grounding, so it’s a no-brainer to detoxify your energy and complexion. Australian Pink Clay will purge negativity, leaving your skin clean and clear. Our Total Detox Kit is the perfect solution. 

Australian Pink Clay Total Detox Kit


Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your empathetic and compassionate side can leave your skin sensitive. Strengthen and repair your moisture barrier with Tasmanian Spring Water. Give our Healthy Hydration Kit a whirl.


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