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Cooling Skincare Applicator

A 2-in-1 cooling skincare applicator that picks up product and reduces puffiness amazingly.

Elevate your skincare routine with a sensual facial experience. Cooling at touch, the tool doubles up as an applicator and massager.

  • Cool tip improves skin elasticity and reduces puffiness
  • Promotes efficiency for deeper penetration of skincare
  • Use it as a facial massager to boost blood circulation, tightening and lifting skin

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    • Use with serum, oil, and/or moisturiser.
    • Rinse the applicator before using on skin or dipping into your skincare products. Massage products into your skin in an upward sweeping motion towards your hairline.
    • Store in the refrigerator for a cooler sensual experience. Use morning and night.

    • How to I use the applicator?

      The cooling applicator picks up product perfectly and replicates a gentle fingertip massage. It improves blood circulation and product absorption, maximizing the benefits of your skincare ingredients.

      How do I care for the applicator?

      Avoid direct contact with hard surfaces and objects. Wash and wiped with water, and pat dry with a soft cloth. Store in a dry and clean environment.
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How does it work?

How does it work?


Apply a few drops of your preferred serum, face oil or moisturiser to cleansed skin.


Gently move the rounded edge of the applicator in an upward, sweeping motion. From the centre of your chin across your cheekbones.


Repeat daily, morning and night. Roll right into youthful, radiant skin.

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